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The roundtables allow members to draw from the expertise – lessons learned from successes and failures – of the other entrepreneurs in the group. The roundtables are designed to address your unique needs as an entrepreneur to help you reach new goals.

Since its inception over 10 years ago, the Roundtable network has been growing thanks to the hard work of our alumni and leadership teams, from 16 to now 200+ members. While originally limited to local Houston alumni, the program has recently expanded to our broader network with the launch of our Virtual Roundtables – connecting entrepreneurs and innovators around the world.

Why join a Roundtable? You will have the opportunity to:

  • Leverage peer-to-peer wisdom in a structured monthly session
  • Address challenging, strategic issues
  • Engage with Rice alumni leaders
  • All roundtable memberships include annual member training, table-specific social events, and roundtable participation.

To commit to any of the Roundtables, please review the Roundtable types and eligibility requirements. Tables meet on a monthly cadence determined by its members, the meeting duration anywhere from 2-4 hours. Members are expected to commit these times to their groups. Once placed on a table, we will reach out with membership suggested donation amounts and payment details.

You are welcome to apply at any time, though our official application, placement, and onboarding period are during the months of May and December. Applications submitted outside of these periods are reviewed and placed depending on current availability.

Roundtables Leadership Team

Chapter Lead
Spencer Randall

RAEI Director
Principal & Co-Founder, CryptoEQ
Mechanical Engineering, 2013

Al Danto

EMBA ‘00
Managing Partner
Exit Advisors

Rajiv Kapuria

MBA, Advisor, Deloitte

Cody Nicholson

MBA ’18
General Partner
Trinity Communities Group

Darrell Morris

MBA ’18
Managing Partner
Well Done Cooking Classes

Sherlyn Hufford

EMBA, 2019
Curated Advisors and Chronos Innovations