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Texas, USA

The Houston chapter has been growing over the last ten years thanks to the hard work of our local alumni. In addition to networking and educational events, this chapter offers access to Houston Roundtables. These roundtables are a forum that fosters peer-to-peer support within a small group of trusted entrepreneurs in a confidential environment. The roundtables allow members to draw from the expertise of the other entrepreneurs in the group. Visit us online to how to join.


The Houston Roundtable Program started in 2010 by our entrepreneurial MBA alumni, with only a total of 16 members split into two tables. Since it’s initial creation, the program has grown – placing over 150+ entrepreneurs across 13 tables. From monthly meetings, to a variety of resources, to member-only events and workshops, the Roundtables have helped their members grow both professionally and personally.

To commit to any of the Roundtables, please review the table types and eligibility requirements. Tables meet on a monthly cadence determined by its members, the meeting duration anywhere from 2-4 hours. Members are expected to commit to these times their groups. Once placed on a table, we will reach out with membership suggested donation amounts and payment details.

You are welcome to apply at any time, though our official application, placement, and onboarding period are during the months of May and December. Applications submitted outside of these periods are reviewed and placed depending on currently availability.

Interested? Submit an application here.

Current member? Donate or pay your annual dues here.