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Regional Chapter


Texas, USA

The Houston chapter has been growing over the last ten years thanks to the hard work of our local alumni. In addition to networking and educational events, this chapter offers access to Houston Roundtables. These roundtables are a forum that fosters peer-to-peer support within a small group of trusted entrepreneurs in a confidential environment. The roundtables allow members to draw from the expertise of the other entrepreneurs in the group. Visit us online to how to join.

Houston Chapter Leadership Team

Chapter Lead
Aaron Knape

Co-Founder, Seatz
MBA, 2008

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Abe Chu

Co-Founder & CMO, NextSeed
BA Economics, 2004
MBA, 2009

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Jennifer Thai

Founder, Awesome Bites
Economics, 2004

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Kyle Fletcher

Founder & Managing Partner, Arrostar Group
MBA, 2009

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Lawson Gow

Founder & CEO, The Cannon
BA Business & Health Sciences, 2013

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Lorie Clements

Founder, Springboard Solutions
MBA, 2011

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