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Regional Chapter

Bay Area

California, USA

For the first time, we are actively calling all Bay Area entrepreneurs and innovators to join this new regional network, and engage back with our Houston alumni and programs at Rice University. To serve the needs of this community, we will be offering events in both Silicon Valley and San Francisco, ranging from small intimate dinners, day long seminars, and networking receptions. This community will be a force of nature, so please join us now!

Bay Area Chapter Leadership Team

Chapter Lead
Siggy Bilstein Co-Founder & CTO, BS Computer Science, 2011
Jake Nyquist BS Computer Science, 2018
Sarah Lemesh Co-Founder & CEO, BM Vocal Performance, 2012
Vivas Kumar Battery Supply Chain, Tesla BS Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2014
Will Pryor Founding Engineer, Skycatch BS Mechanical Engineering, 2010
Yan-David Erlich Partner, Coatue Management BS Computer Science & Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2000